As a member of the AFA (American Fence Association) we adhere to a high standard and strictly follow the ASTM guidelines for fence and gate installation. All of our materials are heavy weight and priced comparatively and often lower than our competition.We pride ourselves on being a High Security Fence and Gate Specialist.

Chain Link

For our commercial customers we install everything from a 42” chain link fence along a retaining wall for fall prevention to a 23’ tall security enclosure for retail store (sears, home depot, etc.).

For our industrial customers we install everything from Prison Fencing and Security Gates to Airport Perimeter Fence and Military Installations.


We install everything from perimeter fencing for commercial properties and residential developments to barriers/boundaries for restaurants and 100% visual screening for any retail customer.


Wood Fencing is the oldest and most time-honored style in fence products. We offer our commercial customers the natural beauty from using wood along with the added privacy they have always wanted at an affordable price. Wooden fences are appealing for landscaping plans for residential communities, farm fencing, and park facilities as well as other Commercial Applications. Taller heights available in wood fence prevent climbing to provide added security. Wood fence allows a more natural look that is less industrial.

Ornamental Iron

There are few fences that will give you the secure feeling that an ornamental iron fence will. They are extremely difficult to navigate your way over and with the intimidating tops; safety becomes an issue for any would be trespasser. With a full time weld shop and a strong relationship with the top ornamental iron manufacturers in the world, Northwest Fence recognizes iron’s specific nature.

It takes a true professional to design and install an ornamental iron fence, gate or handrail in a way that makes the statement you are looking for. From Handrail to Manufacturing Plants or simple Apartment Complex Pools to High Security Mini Storage Facilities, we have and can do it all.

For our Industrial customers we install all styles of Ornamental Iron up to High Security, Anti-Ram barrier fence.

Material Packages

For contractors our business owners that prefer to do it themselves, they can bring in, fax or email a simple layout of their requirements. Our in-house sales staff will produce a material list and price to match the layout requirements. A complete material package will be pulled from our stock and loaded for the customer when they are ready to purchase.